"We tested the car and it ran quite well"
-Michael Baltierra, ABC News reporter


2050 Magazine: "Using electricity from a renewable source such as wind, the Airpod,
with its low material and production energy requirements, could become
the most environmentally friendly road vehicle yet."

While source article of TheRawFoodWorld states that "One tank lasts over 125 miles and takes a mere two minutes to fill up" (this is for the smaller AirPod and using high pressure station to re-fill) and the cost for these 125 miles of travel? One Euro which is (late 2014) about 1.28 U.S. dollars (which for gasoline would buy you less than 0.3 of a gallon, or under 10 miles of travel in a regular car..!)
Image source: wikipedia More images of AirPod are here
SOURCE Oct 2014 article: here

2013 update -

"Here comes the first air car that will make our city clean" its release is scheduled for the middle of next year. We are talking about the first air car which [could drive] 100 km [with fuel costs of just] 1 euro." (Italian) starting with the "mini" sized AirPods (foreground; see also larger CityCAT vehicle in the back on the right) in this article:

Can refuel in two ways; either with specialized high-pressure station:

..or just "plug in" to re-pressurize the high pressure air cylinders, which use the same safety standards used for storage of natural gas, to store the much less volatile and much safer, simply pure air:

A more economical alternative to electric cars? ☀ ~ MDI's Compressed-Air Cars! ~ ☀
(not an official MDI site; this is a "fan" page only)
Above: MDI Founder Guy Negre with
MiniCAT at Paris Car Show.

Soon? Update on collaboration with Tata Motors of India, one of the world's leading car manufacturers.

May 2012: Second Update..Major Tata News:
With 5 years past, many of us started to wonder whether the partnership between MDI and Tata Motors (a multi-billion, & 18th largest car company in the world) would amount to anything. May 2012 Update: Tata now states Phase I ("proof of technical concept") has been succesfully completed, and Phase II "working together to complete detailed development..and technical processes to industrialise a market ready product" has now started
→ See Tata's Press Release
2012 Update: New Pictures!:

Click here to see Latest Version of MDI's AirPod!

News Feed:
December 2011: The MiniCAT —
The Car of the Future..? (PlanetSave.com)

"Verdict" of the first North American journalist to drive MDI car:
While improvements for a quieter and longer-range ride should be made, "he also stated that the car is very much for real and that eco-minded car enthusiasts should retain hope that air power can gain a foothold in the automotive world." (July 2009)
And: Driving on Air in Forbes Magazine profiles
Guy Negre and MDI's Air Car (May 2008)
  December 2010: CNN Video: The Car That Runs on Air (AirPods)
PHOTO of March 2008 MDI Compressed Air Engine (CAE) in NY Motor Show
New images Part 2:
Charging MDI directly with renewable
Wind/Solar/Hydro – click here

Green Cars Ecological Automobiles Hybrid Hybrids Electic Vehicles Solar Power Photovoltaic Wind Power

More News:
  • The Air Car Blows Back Into the Picture Sept '08 (NY Times)
  • 106 mpg 'air car' creates buzz, questions August 2008, CNN.
  • Zero-Pollution Car Coming to U.S. possibly by 2010! (BusinessWeek.com)
  • Feb 2008 BBC article on MDI
    Tata, India's Largest car-maker
    invests $27 million in MDI (Feb 2007)

    Are Hybrid Cars Full Of Hot Air?
    BBC Reports on MDI's Air Car (Jan 2008)

    Time Magazine: MDI's Aircar is among
    The Best Inventions Of The Year

  • Media Coverage: Highlights: MDI Sites:
    bullet Beyond Tomorrow 8 min video Energy: 90m3 air @ 300 Bar Official MDI site: www.MDI.lu
    bullet Riding on Air Newsweek (scanned) Car Weight: 720kg MDI's official USA hub:
    France to unveil air-powered car (BBC)     Recharge: 3 mins @ air-station! ZevCat MDI for
    West Coast of USA.
    TidePool.org Great Survey Article/comparisons Recharge: 4 hrs @ home (electric) MDI on Wikipedia
    WIRED (2003) & CNN/Money: Jules Verne? Cost: $12,000-16,000depending on model AirCars in general on Wikipedia.
    bullet Major investment in MDI
    see also here
    Urban Range: 120mi (higher w/solar panels)
    Non-urban: 50mi on air >800mi w/dual energy
    Other links will be added..
    Above specs are for CityCAT as of a few years ago; improvements continue beyond these!
    Air released by exhaust is cleaner than ambient air (having gone through filters) ; Max speed was 60mph ; now is: 69mph

    Bi-Energy version coming soon (top speed 96mph; 848 mi range; 106 mpg equiv; .0158 lbs/mile CO2)

    Car will meet full safety and insurance standards in the US
    Images: Renewable-Energy Chargers for AirCars!
    Charging MDI directly with renewable
    Wind/Solar/Hydro – click here

    red glass bullet  red glass bullet More Media Coverage red glass bullet  red glass bullet
    Move Over Corncobs, These Guys Run on Air New York Times, Oct 2007
    Alternative power sources: An engine that runs on air Oct 2007
    MDI's car a "Good Idea" for Guam -- will "Politicos" Reject it?
    OneCAT models from MDI 100km zero-pollution range in $4,000-$5,500 vehicle (added late 2007)
    New Article & Videos Galore at EcoGeek (May 2007)
    New Air-Car Ready for Mass Production Fill-up is just $2 (May 2007, Yahoo)
    On TV MDI's in Air car featured in 8 minute video on Indianpad.com ('07)
      Also posted on YouTube: "Beyond Tomorrow" on MDI
    Earlier version in 18 second clip And: • Jan 2005 Telegraph article
    Archive of Some Old Links!
    Airing Out His Vision for Future of Driving May 2003 (Calif. Bay Area, first US factory?) (ZevCat)
  • Guardian July 10 03 brief survey of many technologies including MDI.
    May 2003 article on ZevCAT
  • Air Car USA August 2003 (3-part audio interview)
  • January 2004: Times Online
  • Google

    French-English discussion forums
    (independent of, but about) MDI aircar

    red glass bullet New: OneCAT cars red glass bullet
    Green Cars Ecological Automobiles Hybrid Hybrids Electic Vehicles Solar Power Photovoltaic Wind Power
    Green Cars Ecological Automobiles Hybrid Hybrids Electic Vehicles Solar Power Photovoltaic Wind Power
    Below: the four models of CityCAT (Compressed Air Technology) cars:

    MDI Family Car model MDI Van model
    MDI  Taxi model MDI  Pickup model>
    High-pressure Refill station High-pressure Refill station
    Cars can be recharged in ~5 hours by plugging into regular electric outlet
    or in 3 minutes using high-pressure refilling stations pictured above
    Green Cars Ecological Automobiles Hybrid Hybrids Electic Vehicles Solar Power Photovoltaic Wind Power

    Important Links
    Related to MDI:

    Official U.S. Rep. for MDI

    Thefuture.net.nz New Zealand site covers both MDI and decentralized energy and communications

    Other Technologies
    Green Cars Ecological Automobiles Hybrid Hybrids Electic Vehicles Solar Power Photovoltaic Wind Power


    How are things here?

    Green Cars Ecological Automobiles Hybrid Hybrids Electic Vehicles Solar Power Photovoltaic Wind Power

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